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The Benefits of Starting an IV Hydration Business as a Side Practice

The Benefits of Starting an IV Hydration Business as a Side Practice

Why IV Hydration Business Is Beneficial as a Side Practice?

Do you need an excellent niche side business idea? Then you really ought to think about opening an IV infusion clinic. Over the past five years, IV-infusion clinics have mushroomed across the nation. From a cold to a hangover, people are searching for a quick fix. People today want to recover more quickly, so as a savvy nurse practitioner businessperson, you should be giving them what they want.

If the idea of starting your own IV hydration business appeals to you, then the question, what do you need to start an IV hydration business, must apply to you. Starting an IV hydration business can be simple or complex depending on the state in which you practice.

Certain states, for example, require an IV hydration nurse to work under the supervision of a medical director to administer IV hydration treatments, whereas others allow RNs to practice and own their own hydration businesses without physician supervision. If you are a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner who wants to learn how to become an IV hydration nurse, you must first conduct research. To ensure that you are in compliance with state laws, we recommend consulting with a legal professional.

Furthermore, IV therapy nurses should enroll in classes or courses to learn the IV hydration business trade so that they understand all the moving parts required to get their hydration businesses off the ground—where that's we come in!

Why IV hydration business

Clinics for IV infusions treat a wide range of patients. Your target market includes weekend warriors searching for a quick fix for a hangover, marathon runners looking to hydrate, folks recovering from a severe upper respiratory illness, and those who just want to feel better in general. An IV infusion may help almost everyone in this country, which explains why it has become popular.

Costs of IV hydration business

You simply need the reagents that are added to the IV bag, IV supplies, and bags of ordinary saline. As these goods are generally inexpensive, the markup on them is usually substantial. Each infusion will generally cost roughly $10. What is the price for the IV? $100-200! These margins are insanely good. Paying the employee who starts and manages the IVs is the second major expense you need to be mindful of. The best part is that person will only be employed on a relatively part-time basis, so it won't be a significant expense.

For instance, if you pay a registered nurse $30 per hour to start and manage IVs, they will only work 10 to 20 hours a week on average. This only costs $300–600! This person might easily cover their wage with a few IV treatments.

Profits of IV hydration business

How much money can a drip bar make? It entirely depends on the practice's marketing strategy, its geographic location, and the number of hours it is open. While some clinics are open seven days a week, many are only open on Friday through Sunday. It all depends on how crowded the location is where you offer your services. Earnings for the very part-time weekend practice could range from $2,000 to $4,000 over the course of a weekend. Only an average of 10 infusions are required.

Starting your own IV hydration business

IV Therapy Academy gives you a head start when it comes to starting your IV hydration business. To learn how you can start your IV therapy business, register for our Free IV Therapy Masterclass now!


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