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IV Therapy Academy Training Products & Courses

The IV Therapy Academy Business Accelerator Program

Our flagship 'Clinic-in-Box' program includes everything you'll need to start your clinic from a business standpoint. It also includes everything in our clinical training program. 

IVA Business Accelerator Training Program

IV Therapy Academy Clinical Training

IV Therapy Academy Clinical Training  Provides everything you need to learn the art and science of clinical IV hydration and nutrition therapy. It includes protocols, order sets, shopping lists, vendor lists, consent form templates and everything a clinic needs to safely add this service.

IV Therapy Academy Clinical Training Program

Free Quick Start Guide

Boost Your Income With IV Therapy  Tap into the "Hot Market" of IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Therapy Clinic Start Up Guide E book

Clinic Launch Secrets Book

Healthcare Professional's Playbook for Boosting Income and Autonomy through practice Ownership

Clinic Launch Secrets Best Book For Starting a Clinic

*Limited offer - Free Shipping plus Free Audio Book

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