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Find Out If Your Wellness IV Provider Is IV Therapy Academy Trained. It's A Distinction That Matters.

When selecting an IV Nutritional Therapy practice it is vital to ensure that you are receiving care from a clinic with well-trained professionals. The clinics listed here are all staffed with at least one IV Therapy Academy graduate that has completed a comprehensive and rigorous IV Nutritional therapy training program and earned their IV Therapy certification from a program that is a nationally approved continuing education provider.

By selecting a clinic from this list you can request to have your IV administered by a provider that has completed our training program and thoroughly educated on many aspects of IV Nutritional therapy including:

  • The most effective evidence-based IV Nutrition protocols

  • Proper patient selection 

  • Ensuring the highest level of patient safety

  • Practice establishment and operations

  • Outstanding customer service and compassionate care

Search Our IV Clinic Directory for Trained and Certified IV Providers Near You

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