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Boosting Immunity: A Comprehensive Guide to COVID-19 and IV Therapy

COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down, causing economic turmoil and taking a toll on our mental health. The constant stream of information, often contradictory, from experts has only added to the frustration and fear in our communities.

Today, let's break down the current state of knowledge on COVID-19 and immunity:

Basics of the immune system

Our immune system has two main components - B cells and T cells. B cells produce antibodies, which act as the guard dogs of our body. T cells, on the other hand, are the Terminator cells that destroy invaders like viruses and bacteria. When B cells encounter foreign invaders, they produce and replicate antibodies. These antibodies cling to the invaders, slowing them down and rendering them impotent. The Terminator cells then recognize and destroy these invaders, even without the presence of antibodies.

Hot take: Our immune system is like a well-trained army, with B cells as the guards and T cells as the fearless warriors. They work together to protect our body from harm.

Antibody testing

Antibodies, or the guard dogs, can be measured through COVID antibody tests. These tests detect their presence within 3 days to 3 months after exposure to COVID. After 3 months, their levels may not be detectable, but that doesn't mean they're gone. They're simply resting or in storage, ready to be mobilized when needed. Think of them as guard dogs that bark at the mailman - you can't hear them when he's gone, but they're still there.

Hot take: Just because the guard dogs are quiet doesn't mean they're not ready to protect us. They're always on standby!

T cell testing

Similar to antibodies, COVID-specific T cells increase and remain elevated after exposure to the virus. These T cells, like the Terminator cells, stay available for 10 years or more.

Hot take: Our immune system has a long memory. Once it encounters a threat like COVID, it won't forget how to fight it off!


The current vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna, introduce man-made mRNA into our bodies. This mRNA instructs our cells to produce pieces of the COVID virus, triggering our immune system to train to kill it. Unlike past vaccines that used dead or synthetic viruses, these new vaccines provide a more accurate representation of the actual virus.

Hot take: Training our immune system with the real deal is like using a photo of a lost person instead of a sketch. It's more accurate and effective!

Inherent immunity

Surprisingly, blood donated between 2015-2018 has shown some intrinsic immune response against COVID-19. Even blood donated before the pandemic has some level of immune response. How is this possible? COVID is part of the coronavirus family, which includes the common cold. Our immune system, like a car enthusiast, can recognize certain traits and patterns that allow it to identify and respond to future threats.

Hot take: Our immune system is like a savvy car enthusiast, always ready to spot the next big thing!

Immunity passport

There has been talk of issuing immunity passports to people who are immune to COVID and non-infectious. These passports would allow unrestricted travel and more. Soon, we'll be able to test COVID-specific B and T cell levels to determine if someone is immune. This will help us understand if vaccination is necessary or if inherent immunity or previous exposure is enough.

Hot take: An immunity passport is like a golden ticket to normalcy. It's our way of saying, "I'm immune, let me live my life!"

Herd immunity

When a significant portion of the population becomes immune to COVID, the rate of transmission drops dramatically, and the virus eventually fades away. It's like a tired door-to-door salesman who can't gain entry to non-responsive households and eventually gives up.

Hot take: Achieving herd immunity is like shutting the door on COVID. Once enough of us are immune, the virus won't stand a chance!

In summary, we're on the path to effectively managing and navigating the needs of our community to achieve herd immunity. New immunity testing will help us identify who needs vaccination and who doesn't. This is crucial for us to resume normal social functioning and bring back the world we know and love.

That being said, you can try various IV drips to strengthen your immune system. Our immune systems are stronger than we think, and together, we'll conquer COVID-19. If you want to learn more about IV Therapy Nutrition, register for our free masterclass today. 


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